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RecurX Bio is a start-up diagnostic company in stealth mode located in Baltimore, MD. RecurX Bio’s patented microfluidic assay cost-effectively and quickly captures and enumerates the most deadly cancer cells responsible for metastasis—those that are able to escape the primary tumor site. We provide services, cells and data to cancer drug discovery experts, clinical trial organizations, and clinicians to treat and prevent metastatic/recurring cancer. 

Key benefits of RecurX Bio’s assay include:


(1) it is the only phenotypic assay that is able to capture the most deadly proliferating and motile cancer cells from patient tissue;


(2) faster and cost-effective development of new drugs to treat metastatic cancer;


(3) personalized information about the efficacy of existing cancer drugs or drugs in clinical trials;


(4) rapid, cost-effective and accurate prognosis of metastatic cancer to support the treatment decision process. 


Yankaskas, C. et al. A microfluidic assay for the quanitifcation of the metastatic propensity of breast cancer specimens, Nature Biomedical Engineering (2019) 3: 452-465.



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