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of personalized cancer drug selection

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At RecurX Bio, we are tackling the most deadly cancer cells responsible for metastasis, spread and recurrence.

Our laboratory test is the only test available that can capture these deadly cells.

Drug Selection For Patients

Oncologists want to choose among the best approved and experimental cancer drugs for their patients, but unless there are specific genomic markers which can provide some help, there are few laboratory tests available to know which drugs will work for a specific patient before treatment begins. In many cases, current practice is to choose based mainly on which drug has the least side effects, and then wait to see if the cancer responds. This treatment strategy can cause the patient serious unnecessary side effects from drugs that don’t work, and cost valuable time in the race to stop the cancer.

Now with RecurX Bio’s most deadly cell capture technology, there is a fast, accurate, and cost effective technology to test the drugs in the laboratory to provide personalized information about which drugs will work best for each individual patient to stop the most deadly cells before treatment begins.

Here is how the process works. . .

Biopsy Sample

Send a sample from a patient biopsy (needle biopsy or resection) to RecurX Bio’s lab.

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Capture Deadly Cells

In the lab, RecurX Bio processes cells in a proprietary microfluidic device which mimics the conditions in the body, and captures the most deadly cells from the patient biopsy sample—those cells responsible for metastasis, rapid spread and recurrence.

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Genomic Analysis of Deadly Cells

Genomic and proteo genomic analysis of the captured deadly cells can be performed to provide even more information on additional drug selection choices.

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test drugs in Lab

Not on the Patient

In the lab, RecurX Bio tests oncologist suggested and genomic testing derived drugs on the individual patient's captured cells to determine if there are drugs that can stop or slow the most deadly cells before treating the patient.

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Fast Results

Within a couple of days, RecurX Bio sends the information to the oncologist so the oncologist can select the best drugs to stop the most deadly cells responsible for metastasis, rapid spread and recurrence.

*The drug selection for patients technology is not yet available in the United States.

For Pharma Drug Discovery and Clinical Trials

Discovering new cancer drugs is a long and expensive process with less than optimal results -- 97% of cancer drugs fail in human clinical trials, in part because the available laboratory models do not accurately represent what happens in the body. Better technology is necessary to bring much needed drugs for both early and late stage cancer to market.


New drug discovery can occur faster, less expensively and with greater success by using the RecurX Bio technology to identify unique biomarkers and druggable targets in the most deadly cells captured using the RecurX Bio technology. The RecurX Bio technology can be used to screen and select drug candidates for preclinical and clinical testing. And the RecurX Bio technology can be used to select or exclude patients for clinical trials, or to retrospectively analyze clinical trial data.