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Drug Discovery

We provide in vitro testing services for pharmaceutical companies seeking to optimize and expedite their cancer drug development. Unique biomarkers and druggable sites can be determined from the RecurX Bio captured deadly cells. Drug candidates can be screened and selected using the RecurX Bio technology, which is uniquely capable of capturing the most deadly cells from patient biopsies and is the best in vitro model available to mimic the metastatic environment in the body.

Clinical Trial Assessment

RecurX Bio’s assay can retrospectively or prospectively analyze clinical trial patient samples for inclusion/exclusion and the identification of subpopulations.

To find out more about how you can lead the way to better cancer patient care with the best drug discovery and clinical trial services to stop the most deadly cells responsible for metastasis . . .

We tested in the laboratory two drugs in clinical trials for breast cancer. One is an MEK inhibitor that has been approved for metastatic melanoma and is in clinical trials for breast cancer. The other is a PI3K inhibitor which failed in Phase III clinical trials for breast cancer. From sequencing the most deadly cells captured by the RecurX Bio technology, we identified that the genetic targets of both of these drugs were prevalent in the most deadly cells, and we verified the pathways with animal studies by activating the genes from a non cancerous cell line that subsequently caused metastasis in mice. 

Both drugs were effective at reducing the number of deadly cells in two of the cell lines we tested.  But in a third cell line, the PI3K inhibitor was worse than placebo at reducing the number of deadly cells, meaning that for some patients with genetic characteristics similar to that cell line, the drug could make their cancer worse.

breast cancer case study